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16 May 2011 @ 07:01 pm

^This Picture here is my first quite successful attempt at using Photoshop LOL XD
 Disclaimer: May contain emo shit. -_-

i think this will be one of my quite serious posts.
i've been an Eito fan since December 2009 (yes, it's just that short. XD) i think i've never been into a fandom as much as Kanjani8 but i don't really want to show it. LOL XD

Today is the birthday of one of my most favorite Eito members, Tadayoshi Okura, more commonly known as Tacchon. ( i can't rank them because seriously, i don't know which place he falls.  Before i became an Eighter, i would skip Eito's pages on magazines and later, when i realized that it's not so bad if i could at least recognize them, i tried to memorize their names and faces. Not long after that, i could identify six of the members, and the one left, the i couldn't remember, that would be Tacchon. 

when i became a full-pledge Eighter (Thanks to 47), i really liked Tacchon's Mamoritai. That is, until now, my favorite Eito solo.  i also saw a Tachon fanvid where he mostly screams and i realized that he's really girly (quite my type. ) my interest in him escalated. LOL XD i bagan watching out for him and voila, soon he was one of my favorites. but since he is really girly (and not to mention 7 older than me-- like it's seven years too early for me to fantasize of him as a boyfriend. XD), i decided that he's a sister type. soon, i began telling my fangirl friends that he's my sister.  and began convincing them that we look a like (but no we don't but i hope we do. ) i also started to pimp him to our other friends adn it's not so hard because he's really awesome. ^_^

for now, i think, i will be an Eito fan (and Tacchon's fan) for a long time.

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